2018-July-12: In an article in Science, multi-wavelength followup (including VERITAS data) of an IceCube neutrino event, IC20170922, is presented. There's an SAO press release here, and the Science paper and a VERITAS paper on further observations of TXS 0506+564 are in our "Results" page here.



2019-Jan-05: VERITAS reports the detection of an exceptional VHE flare from the blazar 1ES 1218+304. See the Astronomers' telegram here. MAGIC, as well as X-ray and optical instruments, have also reported recent activity from this object.


2018-February-15: VERITAS notes with great sadness the passing of Richard (Dick) Lamb in Lexington, Kentucky, on February 10, 2018. Dick was a key player and a strong proponent of ground-based gamma-ray astronomy during the 1980s and 1990s. He played a significant role in the Whipple 10m collaboration, and his vision and energy helped to move TeV astronomy to the forefront of science. (See the obituary here)



2017-December-18: VERITAS reports the detection of VHE emission from the FSRQ Ton 599. See the Astronomers' telegram here. Both Fermi-LAT and MAGIC have also reported recent activity from this object.


Michael Hillas

The VERITAS collaboration, especially its members that were part of the Whipple 10-meter telescope group, are saddened at the loss of Michael Hillas.

Michael was the man whose physical insight, coupled with a flair for extracting the most from simple numerical calculations, was able to develop the key analysis procedure that enabled the first detection of an astrophysical gamma-ray source using a ground-based instrument. Indeed, this method continues to be the bedrock on which all modern analyses are built. In many respects Very-High-Energy gamma-ray astronomy owes its existence and continued good health to the pioneering efforts of this man.

We extend our sympathies to his family and friends.