2011-Oct-06: In Science today, VERITAS reports on its observation of the Crab pulsed signal at E>100 GeV. See the results page here. This result was widely reported in the press - see a list of some of the articles (with links) here.

And here's some pretty artwork from the people at Adler (click for a high-res version).



2011-Jun-29: VERITAS reports observation of a bright VHE gamma-ray flare from BL Lacertae,in The Astronomers' Telegram #3153, here .



2011-Feb-08: VERITAS reports increased activity of the source HESS J0632+057 in Very-High-Energy gamma rays, in  The Astronomers' Telegram #3153, here .



2010-Oct-25: VERITAS search for an enhanced TeV gamma-ray flux from the Crab Nebula is briefly reported in  The Astronomers' Telegram #2968, here .



2010-Oct-25: Ground was recently broken for the new VERITAS control room. See picture of the site here. The control room will be situated to the left of the wall in the center part of the picture, at the location of the pile of earth.