The current VERITAS spokesperson is John Quinn (University College Dublin); the deputy spokesperson is Amy Furniss (CSU East Bay). David Kieda (University of Utah) chairs the VERITAS Executive Committee.


Some of the internal committees of the VERITAS collaboration, including their roles and current membership, are:

VERITAS Executive Committee

The VERITAS Executive Committee is established by the Teaming Agreement (TA) between:

  • Iowa State University,
  • McGill University,
  • Purdue University,
  • the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory,
  • the University of California, Los Angeles,
  • the University of Chicago,
  • University College Dublin,
  • the University of Leeds,
  • the University of Utah, and
  • Washington University.

The TA establishes the VERITAS Executive Committee (VEC) as the supervisory and regulatory body with ultimate decision-making authority within the Collaboration.

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VERITAS Science Board

The VERITAS Science Board (VSB) is the primary body in the Collaboration that organizes the science program of VERITAS. The VSB has general responsibility for the observing program, the suite of scientific activities of the Collaboration, and the scientific interactions of the Collaboration with the outside world.  The chair of the VSB is the VERITAS Spokesperson. The VERITAS Science Board, through the Spokesperson, reports to the VEC on a regular basis (at least twice per year) on the status of the VERITAS science activities.

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The Time Allocation Committee

The VSB decides the overall science program of VERITAS, which is divided into three categories: the Key Science Programs, Director's Discretionary Time, and the Bulk Program. The Bulk Science program is determined and administered by the VERITAS Time Allocation Committee (TAC). The TAC's membership is elected by the collaboration and always includes senior faculty, post-docs, and students.

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The Speaker's Bureau

The Speaker's Bureau coordinates VERITAS invitations to major conferences and workshops. To request a VERITAS speaker, send email to:  speakersbureau AT veritas DOT sao DOT arizona DOT edu or to the current Speaker's Bureau chair, Martin Pohl (Potsdam).

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The VERITAS Publication Committee

The VERITAS Publication Committee (VPC) oversees VERITAS scientific publications and the publication process.

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