VERITAS is a major ground-based observatory operating in the very high energy (VHE) gamma-ray region of 50 GeV to 50 TeV.  The scientific program of VERITAS is broad, encompassing galactic and extragalactic astronomy, astroparticle physics and fundamental physics. The science is greatly improved by formal and informal collaboration with scientists (theorists, observers, and experimentalists) from all over the world.  We are currently working with scientists from a number of space-based instruments (e.g. Fermi, Swift) and from the other major VHE/UHE particle astrophysics experiments (e.g. MAGIC , HESS , IceCube , Pierre Auger Project , and HAWC ).

If you are interested in the science of VERITAS and would like to explore a possible collaboration, we encourage you to contact the VERITAS Spokesperson (John Quinn, University College Dublin). or Deputy Spokesperson (Amy Furniss, Cal State East Bay)  In addition, you may wish to contact any of the leaders of the VERITAS Science Working Groups that are given below.

The VERITAS SWGs are listed below along with their current leaders/co-leaders (as of mid-2020).