The successful scientific operation of the VERITAS Observatory requires significant behind-the-scenes contributions which do not lead directly to corresponding-author publications. These contributions can be to tasks such as instrument calibration, simulations, data analysis software contributions and on-site service work.

The VERITAS Collaboration has implemented two awards to given annually to recognize the outstanding contributions made by early-career members of the collaboration for critical service work that enables the scientific publications of VERITAS, but do not result in any scientific publications directly. The awards are:

  • The Trevor Weekes Outstanding VERITAS Contribution Award: An award to recognize significant VERITAS service work completed by a post-doc.
  • The Simon Swordy Outstanding VERITAS Contribution Award: An award to recognize significant VERITAS service work completed by a graduate student.

The 2023 winners are Matthew Lundy (Simon Swordy Award) and Dr. Serena Loporchio (Trevor Weekes Award), see here

The 2022 winners are Colin Adams (Simon Swordy Award) and Dr. Ste O'Brien (Trevor Weekes Award), see here

The 2021 winners are Deivid Ribiero (Simon Swordy Award) and Dr. Qi Feng (Trevor Weekes Award), see here

The 2020 winners are Alisha Chromey (Simon Swordy Award), and Dr. Mireia Nievas Rosillo (Trevor Weekes Award), see here.

For 2019 winners, see here.

For 2018 winners, see here.