2021-Feb-03: The VERITAS Collaboration is pleased to recognize the recipients of the 2020 "Outstanding Contribution Awards". Each year the collaboration recognizes exceptional work by two individuals - a graduate student (the Simon Swordy Outstanding Contribution Award) and a postdoctoral researcher (the Trevor Weekes Outstanding Contribution Award), to "...formally recognize the significant contributions of more early-career members of the collaboration in the critical service work that enables scientific publications of VERITAS, but do not result in any scientific publications directly".

This year's recipients are:

Alisha Chromey (Simon Swordy Award) - Awarded for Alisha's role in the Analysis and Callibration Working Group (ACG) and observing shifts: "Her work focused on CARE simulations processing at Georgia Tech and on NERSC, developing and testing the NERSC production pipeline, developing a set of updated and improved data/MC comparison scripts... data/MC comparison studies to validate CARE, newer versions of VEGAS, the GT factors, and the ITM... Alisha has performed outstanding service to the Collaboration through her work."

Mireia Nievas Rosillo- (Trevor Weekes Award) - Awarded for "... leading the effort over the past 12-18 months to understand the change in response of the VERITAS instrument to Cherenkov light. She studied and implemented a solution and provided therefore to the VERITAS collaboration the necessary means to continue publishing results. ... The impact of her work extends to any ongoing and future analysis of VERITAS data and cannot be understated...".

Congratulations to Alisha and Mireia!


Alisha Chromey       Dr. Mireia Nievas Rosillo