2014-Dec-24: VERITAS reports the discovery of a Christmas blazar: VHE emission from RGB J2243+203  The Astronomers' Telegram #6849, here .



2013-Apr-18: A new lower limit to the redshift of the PKS 1424+240 has been published (arXiv:1304.4859). PKS1424+240 was discovered in the VHE band by VERITAS and this new limit makes it the most distant VHE-detected blazar ever, with potential implications for the measurement of the gamma-ray opacity at VHE energies. See the UCSC press release here.



2013-Oct-26: The VHE gamma-ray community celebrates Trevor Weekes at TrevorFest. See details here. The slides of the talks are posted here - a great overview of some of the early history of the VHE gamma-ray field!


2013-Apr-13: VERITAS and MAGIC report dramatic flaring activity from Mrk421 in Very-High-Energy gamma rays, in  The Astronomers' Telegram #4976, here .


The VERITAS team and the Fermi Science Support Center are pleased to announce a pilot program for the Fermi Cycle 8 GI Program that supports collaborative efforts to jointly observe high-energy gamma-ray sources with VERITAS and Fermi.  Successful proposals will be selected on a competitive basis via the Fermi Cycle 8 proposal review.  Details of the program are described in the VERITAS-Fermi Collaborative Agreement.  Further information is available at the FSSC website.