2017-Feb-28: VERITAS has released a zooniverse project. Help astronomers to find elusive muons disguised as gamma rays: head to the Muon Hunter page now!

2017-Jun-28: In June 2017, VERITAS celebrated 10 years of operations. See here for more details.

2017-Oct-03: The VERITAS and MAGIC collaborations report the detection of an enhanced TeV gamma-ray flux from the pulsar/Be-star binary system PSR J2032+4127. See the Astronomer's Telegram here.


2017-Jan-04: NGC 1275 is detected in a high-state by both MAGIC (Astronomer's telegram #9929) and VERITAS (Astronomer's telegram #9931).



2015-Dec-15: VERITAS reports the detection of VHE gamma-rays from the distant (z=0.939) blazar PKS 1441+25. See the NASA press release here, this slick NASA/GSFC video, this UCSC link, and other press coverage here (CfA, Harvard), here (Washington University in St. Louis), and here (Barnard College).