2015-Dec-15: VERITAS reports the detection of VHE gamma-rays from the distant (z=0.939) blazar PKS 1441+25. See the NASA press release here, this slick NASA/GSFC video, this UCSC link, and other press coverage here (CfA, Harvard), here (Washington University in St. Louis), and here (Barnard College).



2015-Oct-10: VERITAS reports the detection of a bright VHE gamma-ray flare from the high-synchrotron-peaked blazar 1ES 1959+650. The Astronomers' Telegram #8148, here .



2015-May-16: VERITAS reports the detection of VHE gamma-ray emission from the low-frequency peaked (LBL) blazar S3 1227+25 (redshift z=0.135). The Astronomers' Telegram #7516, here .



2014-Dec-24: VERITAS reports the discovery of a Christmas blazar: VHE emission from RGB J2243+203  The Astronomers' Telegram #6849, here .



2013-Apr-18: A new lower limit to the redshift of the PKS 1424+240 has been published (arXiv:1304.4859). PKS1424+240 was discovered in the VHE band by VERITAS and this new limit makes it the most distant VHE-detected blazar ever, with potential implications for the measurement of the gamma-ray opacity at VHE energies. See the UCSC press release here.