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VERITAS has been in full operation since 2007. The entries below describe some of our recent scientific results (with newest results at the top).  Each section has been written by a VERITAS scientist (usually the corresponding author for the published work) and links are provided to a detailed publication describing the result.  For more information feel free to contact the scientist directly via the link provided.

If you are new to gamma-ray astronomy, please visit our public/outreach pages via the menu on the right.  Hosted by Chicago's Adler Planetarium, they detail how our experiment works and provide resources for students and educators.

# Article Title Date
1 A Search for Pulsed Very High-Energy Gamma Rays from Thirteen Young Pulsars in Archival VERITAS Data May-2019
2 Direct measurement of stellar angular diameters by the VERITAS Cherenkov Telescopes Apr-2019
3 Periastron Observations of TeV Gamma-Ray Emission from a Binary System with a 50-year Period Oct-2018
4 VERITAS and Fermi-LAT observations of new HAWC sources Aug-2018
5 Measurement of Cosmic-ray Electrons at TeV Energies with VERITAS Aug-2018
6 The extreme HBL behaviour of Markarian 501 during 2012 Aug-2018
7 Measurement of the Iron Spectrum in Cosmic Rays by VERITAS Aug-2018
8 Multi-messenger observations of a flaring blazar coincident with high-energy neutrino IceCube-170922A Jul-2018
9 VERITAS Observations of the BL Lac Object TXS 0506+056 Jul-2018
10 HESS J1943+213: An Extreme Blazar Shining Through The Galactic Plane Jun-2018
11 A Very High-Energy Gamma-Ray Survey Towards the Cygnus Region of the Galaxy May-2018
12 Multiwavelength Observations of the Blazar BL Lacertae: A New Fast TeV Gamma-Ray Flare Feb-2018
13 A Strong Limit on the Very-High-Energy Emission from GRB 150323A Feb-2018
14 Discovery of Very-High-Energy Emission from RGB J2243+203 and Derivation of its Redshift Upper Limit Sep-2017
15 Very-High-Energy γ-Ray Observations of the Blazar 1ES 2344+514 with VERITAS Jul-2017
16 Dark Matter Constraints from a Joint Analysis of Dwarf Spherodial Galaxy Observations with VERITAS Mar-2017
17 Gamma-ray Observations Under Bright Moonlight with VERITAS Mar-2017
18 Multiwavelength follow-up of a rare IceCube neutrino multiplet Feb-2017
19 A Luminous and Isolated Gamma-Ray Flare from the Blazar B2 1215+30 Jan-2017
20 Multiband variability studies and novel broadband SED modeling of Mrk 501 in 2009 Dec-2016
21 Search for Magnetically Broadened Cascade Emission from Blazars with VERITAS Dec-2016
22 Gamma-ray Observations of Tycho's Supernova Remnant with VERITAS and FERMI Dec-2016
23 Very High-Energy Gamma-Ray Follow-Up Program Using Neutrino Triggers from IceCube Nov-2016
24 A Search for Spectral Hysteresis and Energy-Dependent Time Lags from X-Ray and TeV Gamma-Ray Observations of Mrk 421 Nov-2016
25 A Search for Very High-Energy Gamma Rays From the Missing Link Binary Pulsar J1023+0038 With VERITAS Sep-2016
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