Reference: W. Benbow et al. (The VERITAS Collaboration), Res. Notes AAS 7, 6 (2023)

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ArXiv: ArXiV: 2301.04498

Contacts: Gernot Maier

The VERITAS collaboration has published over 100 journal articles since 2008 reporting on gamma-ray observations of a large variety of objects: Galactic sources like supernova remnants, pulsar wind nebulae, and binary systems; extragalactic sources like star forming galaxies, dwarf-spheroidal galaxies, and highly-variable active galactic nuclei. VTSCat is the catalog of high-level data products from all publications of the VERITAS collaboration.

The data is made available in human- and machine readable formats through GitHub and NASA's HEASARC service. The VTSCat data collection contains data like spectral flux points, light curves, spectral fits in human- and machine-readable yaml and ecsv file formats. It also contains tabular data in ecsv format for dark matter searches or results on the extragalactic background. VTSCat is the first complete catalogue of its kind and a stepping stone towards making data of the VERITAS observatory more accessible.

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