UTDate: The UT Date on which the observations were taken with the Whipple 10m telescope.

Rate (Crab): The gamma-ray rate (in Crabs) detected from this target. If gamma-rays were not detected above the 1 sigma level, an upper limit is quoted, again in Crabs. The peak detection threshold for the 10m telescope is estimated to be approximately 350 GeV.

Rate Error (Crab): The error on the reported gamma-ray rate in Crab units.

Duration (Hours): The duration, in hours, of the gamma-ray on-source observation at the Whipple 10m.

UTC Start: The time, in UTC, at which the Whipple observations started.

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Markarian 421

H 1426+428

Markarian 501

1ES 1959+650

1ES 2344+514