Gamma-ray studies of rapidly rotating neutron stars, or pulsars, can broadly be divided into two categories: pulsed emission arising directly from the neutron star, or secondary emission from energetic particles injectd into the local stellar environment. Of the seven currently known TeV gamma-ray sources three are pulsar powered synchrotron nebulae: the Crab Nebula, PSR B1706-44 and Vela.

EGRET onboard CGRO has detected pulsed emission from seven young rapidly rotating neutron stars (Thompson et al. 1997). VERITAS will bridge the gap between the highest energies accessible from space and the present lowest energies accessible from the ground. In this way, VERITAS will be in the position to address the question of why pulsed emission dominates in the sub GeV domain and unpulsed emission dominates in the sub TeV domain.