The Whipple 10m Telescope was used to monitor five of the known TeV blazars, 1ES2344+514, 1ES1959+650, Markarian 421, H1426+428 and Markarian 501, during the 2005-2006 observing season and will continue to monitor these objects during the 2006-2007 observing season. The observing timetable for the currrent darkrun is shown below. The gamma-ray lightcurves will be posted soon and will be updated on a nightly basis. We encourage observers at other wavelengths and in other timezones to participate in this monitoring campaign. For more information on this monitoring campaign at Whipple, contact Deirdre Horan or Trevor Weekes. The targets will be observed at the following times of the year: The 2007-2008 observing season began on 071004. Scroll down for more information.