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VERITAS has been in full operation since 2007. The entries below describe some of our recent scientific results (with newest results at the top).  Each section has been written by a VERITAS scientist (usually the corresponding author for the published work) and links are provided to a detailed publication describing the result.  For more information feel free to contact the scientist directly via the link provided.

If you are new to gamma-ray astronomy, please visit our public/outreach pages via the menu on the right.  Hosted by Chicago's Adler Planetarium, they detail how our experiment works and provide resources for students and educators.

# Article Title Date
76 Multi-wavelength observations of the flaring gamma-ray blazar 3C66A in October 2008 Nov-2010
77 RGB J0710+591: Discovery of VHE emission May-2010
78 M87 - VERITAS 2008-2009 monitoring of the variable gamma-ray source M87 May-2010
79 G54.1+0.3 - Discovery of VHE gamma-ray emission from a young PWN May-2010
80 Cas A - A shell-type supernova remnant detected at TeV energies Feb-2010
81 IC443 - Observation of extended VHE emission from the SNR IC443 Feb-2010
82 1ES1218+304 - A flaring blazar with an unusually hard spectrum Dec-2009
83 PKS 1424+240 - First detection of a new BL Lac object at an unknown redshift Nov-2009
84 G106.3 - Discovery of a new VHE-emitting supernova remnant Nov-2009
85 M82 - TeV gamma-ray emission from a new class of source: starburst galaxies Nov-2009
86 NGC1275 - Upper limits on VHE emission from a radio galaxy Oct-2009
87 W Comae - Multiwavelength observations of a bright TeV flare Sep-2009
88 M87 - Gamma-rays from the edge of a supermassive black hole Jul-2009
89 1ES 2344+514 Jul-2009
90 Markarian 421 - simultaneous multiwavelength observations of an outburst Jun-2009
91 HESS J0632+057 - A possible TeV binary system? Apr-2009
92 LS I +61 303 - Multiwavelength studies of a binary star system Mar-2009
93 1ES1218+304: Discovery of a new VHE Blazar Dec-2008
94 3C66A - Observations of a VHE gamma-ray flare Dec-2008
95 1ES0806+524 - Discovery of a new VHE Blazar Nov-2008
96 Mrk421 - The June 2008 flare from optical to TeV energies Nov-2008
97 W Comae Jul-2008
98 LS I +61 303 Jan-2008
99 Dark Matter with the Whipple 10m Telescope Dec-2007
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