Student theses and dissertations containing VERITAS results.

# Article Title Date Author
1 Gamma-Ray Burst Science in the Era of IACT Arrays 2017-May Ori Weiner
2 A 3D Maximum Likelihood Analysis for Studying Highly Extended Sources in VERITAS Data 2017-Apr Josh Cardenzana
3 Very-High-Energy Astrophysical Processes in the Cygnus Region of the Milky Way 2017-Feb Alexis Popkow
4 Measurement of the Iron Spectrum in Cosmic Rays with the VERITAS Experiment 2017-Jan Henrike Fleischhack
5 Search for Extremely Short Transient Gamma-Ray Sources with the VERITAS Observatory 2016-Oct Christian Skole
6 The Search for Dark Matter Annihilation in Galaxy Clusters at VERITAS 2016-Aug James Tucci
7 A Study of the Effects of Pair Production and Axionlike Particle Oscillations on Very High Energy Gamma Rays from the Crab Pulsar 2016-Aug Avery Archer
8 Search for Very-High-Energy Gamma-Ray Emisson from Primordial Black Holes with VERITAS 2016-Jul Simon Archambault
9 The VERITAS Bright Moonlight Program 2016-Jan Sean Griffin
10 Probing Cosmic Rays with VERITAS: Observations of M 31 and the Positron Fraction 2015-Nov Ralph Bird
11 Observations of Variability of TeV Gamma-ray Blazars 2015-Sep Qi Feng
12 Exploring the Limits of Lorentz Invariance with VERITAS Gamma-Ray Observations of Markarian 421 2015-Aug Scott Griffiths
13 The Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Observations of the Starburst Galaxy M82 2015-Jul Gayle Ratliff
14 Measurement of Spectral Cut-offs of the Active Galactic Nucleus Mrk 421 with VERITAS 2014-Dec Roman Welsing
15 Very High Energy Gamma-Ray Emission from Tycho's Supernova Remnant 2014-May Dana Saxon
16 Studies of inverse-Compton emission in the Crab Nebula and the BL Lac object 1ES 1959+650 2014-Feb Anna O'Faolain de Bhroithe
17 Observations and modeling of the active galactic nucleus B2 1215+30 together with performance studies of the ground-based gamma-ray observatories VERITAS and CTA 2013-Dec Heike Prokoph
18 Gamma-ray Observations of X-ray Binaries 2013-Dec Angelo Varlotta
19 The VHE gamma-ray spectra of several hard-spectrum blazars from long-term observations with the VERITAS telescope array 2013-Oct Arun Madhavan
20 Constraining the Intergalactic Magnetic Field Through its Imprint on Gamma Ray Data from Distant Sources 2013-Aug Tim Arlen
21 Very-High-Energy Blazars: A Broad(band) Perspective 2013-Jun Amy Furniss
22 Observational Properties of Gigaelectronvolt-Teraelectronvolt Blazars and the Study of the Teraelectronvolt Blazar RBS 0413 with VERITAS 2013-Jun Gunes Senturk
23 High Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy Observations of Geminga with the VERITAS Array 2012-Dec Gary Finnegan
24 Time-Dependent Studies of High-Energy Radiation from Blazars 2012-Dec Sarah Thibadeau
25 Investigation of Energy-Dependent Morphology in Pulsar Wind Nebulae 2012-Aug Brett McArthur
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