VERITAS & MAGIC ATel on M87 flaring PDF Print


2010-Apr-09: VERITAS & MAGIC jointly publish an Astronomers' Telegram announcing strong flaring in VHE gamma rays from the AGN M87.

Astronomer's Telegram here .


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VERITAS discovery of a new VHE Source PDF Print


2010-Mar-17: VERITAS published an Astronomers' Telegram announcing the discovery of VHE emission from 1FGL J0648.8+1516

Astronomer's Telegram here .


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New Scientist article about our ATEL on 1ES0532+675 PDF Print


VERITAS' Astronomers' Telegram on 1ES0532+675 (see here) was featured recently in a New Scientist article (02 December 2009) about the extragalactic infrared background light. 

New Scientist story here .


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Articles about the VERITAS observation of gamma rays from M82 PDF Print


The VERITAS M82 result (see here) was widely noted in the scientific press: 

CERN Courier story here story here story here

CfA (Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics) press release here


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Introducing TeVCat PDF Print


This image is from TeVCat , an online, interactive catalog for very-high-energy (VHE; E > 50 GeV) gamma-ray astronomy developed by our very own Deirdre Horan and Scott Wakely. As VHE astronomy continues to grow, the usefulness of a one-stop clearing house for information on new sources is increasingly evident. TeVCat is intended to be such a resource. With sky maps, scientific information, visibility plotters and linked references, it will help the wider gamma-ray community stay up-to-date and informed on this exciting and rapidly developing field.  You can find TeVCat at .


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