New Funding Opportunity for Fermi Cycle 6: VERITAS and Fermi Joint Program PDF Print

The VERITAS team and the Fermi Science Support Center are pleased to announce a pilot program for the Fermi Cycle 8 GI Program that supports collaborative efforts to jointly observe high-energy gamma-ray sources with VERITAS and Fermi.  Successful proposals will be selected on a competitive basis via the Fermi Cycle 8 proposal review.  Details of the program are described in the VERITAS-Fermi Collaborative Agreement.  Further information is available at the FSSC website.

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VERITAS upgrades its focal-plane instrumentation PDF Print


2012-July: VERITAS is currently upgrading its focal plan instrumentation to high-quantum-efficiency Hamamatsu phototubes that will provide approximately a 30% gain in sensitivity. Here's a picture of the last old phototube coming out of one of the cameras:


... and here's a YouTube clip of the 'Pixel Ninjas' doing their thing (make sure to play it with the sound turned on, for the full multi-media experience!). The head ninja is Prof. John Finley, ably assisted by Ally Parry, Andrey Kuznetsov, Aurelien Bouvier, and Zak Kieda.


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VERITAS Reports increased activity of HESS J0632+057 in VHE gamma rays PDF Print


2011-Nov-30: VERITAS reports increased activity of the source HESS J0632+057 in Very-High-Energy gamma rays (again!), in  The Astronomers' Telegram #3791, here .


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VERITAS observes the Crab pulsed signal PDF Print


2011-Oct-06: In Science today, VERITAS reports on its observation of the Crab pulsed signal at E>100 GeV. See the results page here. This result was widely reported in the press - see a list of some of the articles (with links) here.

And here's some pretty artwork from the people at Adler (click for a high-res version).


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New VERITAS control building PDF Print


2011-Sep-29: The new VERITAS control building is nearly complete. See a picture here.


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