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VERITAS and the entire VHE community were saddened by the loss of Alex "Sasha" Konopelko on August 10, 2012. Sasha was one of the key investigators in the HEGRA collaboration early in his career. He contributed, through his skills simulating air showers and their detection by air Cherenkov telescopes, to the design of the HEGRA system. He also was a pioneer in the stereo analysis techniques that ultimately led to the third generation of VHE telescope arrays. The success of the HEGRA system and the validation of the stereoscopic technique was in large part due to Sasha's insightful contributions. Sasha took his talents to the HESS collaboration and subsequently to the VERITAS collaboration where the analysis methods he helped develop have become the backbone of the field. The success of the field of ground based gamma-ray astronomy over the past decade owes no small measure of thanks to Sasha. Sasha was most recently a member of the VERITAS collaboration and also the CTA-US effort. His colleagues in those collaborations have been the most recent beneficiaries of his talent and expertise in the field of VHE gamma-ray astronomy. Sasha's talents and skills will be missed by all and his infectious sense of humor will be memories we will all cherish.

-  John P. Finley, Department of Physics, Purdue University


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New Funding Opportunity for Fermi Cycle 6: VERITAS and Fermi Joint Program PDF Print

The VERITAS team and the Fermi Science Support Center are pleased to announce a pilot program for the Fermi Cycle 8 GI Program that supports collaborative efforts to jointly observe high-energy gamma-ray sources with VERITAS and Fermi.  Successful proposals will be selected on a competitive basis via the Fermi Cycle 8 proposal review.  Details of the program are described in the VERITAS-Fermi Collaborative Agreement.  Further information is available at the FSSC website.

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VERITAS upgrades its focal-plane instrumentation PDF Print


2012-July: VERITAS is currently upgrading its focal plan instrumentation to high-quantum-efficiency Hamamatsu phototubes that will provide approximately a 30% gain in sensitivity. Here's a picture of the last old phototube coming out of one of the cameras:


... and here's a YouTube clip of the 'Pixel Ninjas' doing their thing (make sure to play it with the sound turned on, for the full multi-media experience!). The head ninja is Prof. John Finley, ably assisted by Ally Parry, Andrey Kuznetsov, Aurelien Bouvier, and Zak Kieda.


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VERITAS Reports increased activity of HESS J0632+057 in VHE gamma rays PDF Print


2011-Nov-30: VERITAS reports increased activity of the source HESS J0632+057 in Very-High-Energy gamma rays (again!), in  The Astronomers' Telegram #3791, here .


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VERITAS observes the Crab pulsed signal PDF Print


2011-Oct-06: In Science today, VERITAS reports on its observation of the Crab pulsed signal at E>100 GeV. See the results page here. This result was widely reported in the press - see a list of some of the articles (with links) here.

And here's some pretty artwork from the people at Adler (click for a high-res version).


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